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Jun 12, 2014 · Any thoughts on what the Germans finished their early Kar98a stocks with? Mine is a 1913 Erfurt with nice walnut with a smooth open grain finish on it.
Two piece Beech Stock with Bolt takedown washers and finger grasping grooves. I have a single example of this stock type on a 1918 Erfurt Kar98a. The stock appears to be an originally issued two piece type three Kar98 beech stock. I know of four other examples of two piece stocks that have been described to Jun 28, 2007 · That Kar98A is obviously a small-ring action. But is the stock made for a large-ring (K98k) or is it actually just relieved for a small-ring action? Can't tell from your pix. If that stock was made for a small-ring in the first place, I would guess it to be a late-WWII rework. If made for a large-ring then filled in, it will be harder to estimate. Detail Name 1: GERMAN WW2 K98 LAMINATED STOCK SET. INCLUDES HAND GUARD, SLING BAND, BARREL BAND SPRING, BARREL BAND, BAYONET LUG. CUP BUT PLATE. this is surplus WW2 parts and are in used good condition.

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original k98 mauser rifle stocks with hardware These are all original WW2 era K98 Mauser rifle stocks with all the wood parts and the metal parts as you see in the pictures. The stock you see in the listing is the actual one you will get, that is why they are all listed separately.
This model was done using the same technique applied to the AK-47 laminated stock. The CAD file is only the stock. I included some additional screen shots to show how the rest of the project is coming together. The kar98a and gew98 with stock takedown discs were unit marked post WW1 to various Weimar formations to include polizei , but not on the wood. The gew98 up until war time changes instituted was made with a disc on the R/S of buttstock held in place with a spanner screw.

1917 Erfurt Mauser Stock Ask Each Other. The standard WW1 German Infantry rifle,the GEW 98,had a 29 inch barrel and used the large ring 98 action.The WW1 Kar98a had a 24 inch barrel and used the small ring 98 action.Both types were made by Erfurt.A stock for either is almost unobtanium any more.I looked for three years for a Kar98a stock without success and finally sold the rifle.A Kar98a and ... Looking for Stocks & Handguards? Browse the large selection of Stocks & Handguards products offered by Numrich Gun Parts.
Precise copy of the original stock set. Optional - Finish with linseed oil and wax. I can also put nice prussian stamps. I Version without disassembling disc holes and also without fingergroove. II Version with disassembling disc holes and also with fingergroove. III Version can be a mix of those two above.

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Nov 22, 2006 · Mauser's M98a, or Kar98a, was designed to shoot the standard military round at 50,000 lbs. operating pressure, which procduced velocities of almost 3000fps in the 29 inch barrel of the Gew98. Also, these rifles were expected to function in the horrific trench fighting of WWl and were the issue arm for Germany's late WWl assult units which were ... GERMAN MAUSER KAR98A Stock Not K98 98K K98K G43 K43 - $150.00. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Will only ship to someone in the US! I believe this is a Kar98a stock that unfortunately is missing its duffle cut front end. This particular stock has sanded off imperial markings, so I think it came off a rework sometime after WWI. I'm not 100% sure of course, as I know very little about these. It could ...
1) It is a kar98a 2) It was manufactured at the german government arsenal Erfurt 3) It was manufactured in 1918 , and reissued during the weimar period due to the Versailles commission 1920 date. Many thousands of gew98 and kar98a's got the 1920 stamp among other german small arms allowed for use after WW1 and before Hitler's time.